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  1. Hi ParagonJenko, Thanks for the response. I am interested in FPS, range, trigger response and rate of fire to be honest. Which order to do them in is the question. How much do the middle of the road upgrade parts cost? I am happy to solder where required I have already changed the Tamiya to Dean's for the battery connection. How do I swap the mosfet? Where abouts do I find it in the gun? What mosfet should I install and where would be the best yo purchase one from?
  2. Hi Guys, I am a complete noob and would like some help. As per the title I have purchased a used G&G TR16 Top Tech version. My questions are the following: Is it worth upgrading? It's just I find other people I play with are out shooting me? I know that they probably have hundreds of pounds worth of guns but if I could get more range for not too much money that would be a start. If the answer is yes to the upgrading then what upgrades? Can I so the upgrades myself? Thanks in advance Ian