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    Is your EBR still for sale? Pop me a PM if it is or not please.

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  4. Hello Mikeey, yes it's still available but please PM instead to avoid repeat bumping
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  6. Make: WE Gun/Model: HiCapa Dragon 5.1 Accessories: None, unfortunately I cannot include any mags Condition: A few scratches but in excellent working condition. Lovely gun and already own a Silver version but it needs to go to fund an XDM! FPS: During summer it was 345ish when it was last read Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Might be interested with an XDM and can pay extra for mags Price/Payment: £75 + P&P (Buyer pays PayPal fees) Very open to offers as long as they are reasonable Pictures: Lovely little pistol, raised quite a few eyebrows when I pulled it out to fire angrily at distant enemies and almost hit them! Would most likely benefit from some TLC and upgrades. Highly recommend the nuprol holster. Any questions, just ask.