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  1. Pics?
  2. Where can it be collected from?
  3. Could you message me a postcode so I can plan a route, then get back to you
  4. I live in Southampton, however, I will be in Newcastle on the 28th, if you can hold out until then I would be happy to take it off you?
  5. What area do you live, could collect?
  6. Live in Southampton can pick up if it's still for sale?
  7. Definitely interested, want to shop around first to see what there is first but could be coming back for this if it's still up for grabs
  8. I have a friend who could be VERY interested in this gun, quick sale! PM me so I can get the ball rolling with getting this gun sold
  9. How much for the box mag?
  10. Still selling?
  11. Blow back?
  12. In the process of buying, sorry
  13. I would like to purchase this, can I have some personal details so we can sort out payment?
  14. What is the p&p going to cost?
  15. Where do you live and is the price flexible?