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  1. Found out barrel scrub screw missing 😀😀
  2. hi I have just purchased a used well mb01 this will be my first sniper. just had view shots with it. the outer barrel is twisting 2 to 3 mm each way is that ok?? or is there a problem somewhere.
  3. I have been using same BB's as the first time 0.20gr. And thanks for the information I have too downgrade the spring to make sure I can play every time
  4. I bought a g&g cm16 srxl played with it for two times. first time it was ok to use at the site site limit is 350fps second time different site but same organisation and same site limit 350 fps but my gun was today at 417fps so now i'm not sure what to believe or do!!! did they let me play first time even I had high fps or has my gun upgraded it self do I need to change the spring? is this something you can do yourself? also not sure what standard spring size is in the gun telford area
  5. Hi Found them on the Internet by accident. The site in Brigdenorth is new only used couple times this year as far I know, the site has a nice layout woods,hills and lot of natural cover and nice game plays. But this is my first site I played at so can't compare against other sites. They have a view sites in the midlands I have also seen frontier on the web they are are round Stafford are they? Also found site in Shrewsbury As soon I have my ukara license and my own riffle I will go around other sites
  6. i have just started to play airsoft so far I have two days under my belt!! Are there anymore players from Telford on here our any teams that's open for new members And where is everybody playing? I have been to first and only airsoft in bridgeNorth
  7. Yes they have search for First and only airsoft on facebook
  8. Hi I have just started as well and had my first day on the 13th of March at first & only at bridgenorth was very nice day Only 30 min from Telford. They have a view sites close by Kidderminster, leek and there is also a site in Stafford and Shrewsbury (Shropshire airsoft war games)