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  1. I mostly play eve online... that and battlefield bad company 2 on the xbox. Better than cod anyday
  2. when our team plays and depending on the site area we usually have a 2 man team out in the open or on an elevated postition talking all the enemy movements that they can see... they also direct our players to move to certain structures and so forth... at a site like UA we can lead our blind ground players to positons just by telling them where they are so they can find a route to get into fire postitions. they arnt snipers though, and are certanlty not hidden. usually enemy players realise their role and target them, so we can counter attack. when we employ this tactic, they are the only ones allowed to talk on the radio, everyone just has to listen and make sense of what they are saying... its like full comentry of the happenings around them it works best for a defense situation.
  3. dammit, its shuch a shame its in wales otherwise you would have had 20 armadillos we cant stretch a drive like that
  4. il be very interested in playing at a site like that, what is the company running it called and is there any other info you can pass on?
  5. you might wanna be a little more specific with the point of your question... power, accuracy etc
  6. im so competitive that i have to call it a sport, purly to justify the fact i take it quite seriosley i think it changes from being a hobby to a sport when the realism is turned up.... standard skirmishing is just mindless fun, but milsim and roleplay events are more a organised sporting event.
  7. sadly, most of the countries round the world are turning to a more 'US' look... what about being the first guy to do a decent 'latvian' military loadout. they use the same weapons as the german army they have the coolest digital camo uniform (although i have spent the last year non stop trying to get some and so far, cant find it anywhere) they use tan gear on top of their cammys, sometimes mixing it with woodland and their own camo patterned rifleman vests.
  8. hey matt, havent seen you for a while...
  9. thats awesome, i can see it being used for good games with that being the 'defuse' or 'detonate' objectives. any idea of a cost breakdown? because i will admit that i have no-idea of electronics at all... but my team mechanic does and il pass it on to him.
  10. seems like this forums is mostly used by guys wanting to sell weapons... well i hope we can have at least a few good discussions
  11. Hi my name is Kris marland and i just wanna introduce myself to the forums.... my love of airsoft cannot be measured i have been playing for about 11-12 years, mostly at ambush adventures but i travel the country with my team ACU (armadillo combat unit) (im in the center with the M16) if you ever see anyone wearing this logo come and say hello, we are a friendly bunch we mostly now play at first and only's 'the mall' , but are open to any suggestions of other sites... also we want other teams to challage us... so you name the venue and we will be there! also i run a gun customisation service called ninja custom, as a sideline ... if you have any enquiries about what can be done, pm me. well thanks for veiwing and i hope to have some interesting conversations with you guys, maybe even meet up and shoot some of you!
  12. well i will let you know, i just ordered one for mine as its quite worn out and doesnt reset the slide fast enough and causes jams. i was hoping this will fix my issue... i doubt it would break the plastic slide over time, they are pretty well made...
  13. actually it makes a very resonate and loud 'THWAMP' , we launch very heavy 90 second smoke grenades which only just fit down the pipe, so there is no air loss... its incredebly powerful for such a simple design but i prefer it to the explosive propeled ones we see at some sites... i promise you one day someone will misstime the bang and have their fingers torn off or even badly burned.
  14. id also like to say that mortars involving the use of explosives and then putting a grenade to launch in as quite dangerous, ive seem quite a few near misses and almost fingerless hands because of these methods. check out this method of ammo... each round uses two thermobarics, one to propel the other... light the round and drop into the mortar fuse first, the explosion lights and throws the second round out simultainously ... bear in mind the fuse lenth , usually 5-8 seconds is not enough... i recommend 9 - 11 to make sure it hits the ground then explodes... this method usually carries the round in a tube at 45 degrees about 60m
  15. after trying out many methods of explosive ways to propel a grenade out of a mortar, we came up with a perfectly safe and 100% effective method of a gaming mortar. we use pressurised air at 150-200 psi to throw grenades and smoke grenades to 80 - 100m ... accuracy comes with experience of use. you need coper pipe, a valve , a innertube valve , a cut off handle , a 60mm pipe converter, and a attachment of 60mm pipe. im not going to fully explain how to recreate it as the pictures are simple to see how its made. the most important part is the method we use to fill the air chamber. we use a 320 psi tyre filler with a in-car adaptor, and a 12 volt external battery pack which takes the in-car adapter. the 12 volt battery when fully charged can pressurise the chamber about 10 times before the battery runs flat (then we just recharge at the nearest car or hole in the wall) the air pressure gear fits neatly into a claymore bag, while the morter can be broken down into two parts and fits nicly into a large molle style backpack... the whole unit weighs about 3 kilos... neads 1 to run, but two is faster. sorry about my rug... its very blue..