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  1. Heyas I'm trying to do some upgrade work with my friend on my TM P90 tri-rail. I want to put in metal gears, new spring and a few other changes to up the FPS which over the years has slipped down to about 230fps, of course I don't want to break the bank doing it. My friend is the technical expert but to him, price is no object... to me it very much is! My friend has suggested kit from america which turns out to be three G&P Branded gears; Sector Gear, Spur Gear, Bevel Gear at a cost of more than £50! For three gears! I'm going to be cautious of putting in too many links to avoid the spamfilter, but these are some much cheaper HK choices I was hoping people here could help me evaluate. If possible I would like to buy from this site as I've had good experiances with them before and they ARE wholesaler cheap and I have other stuff I want to order from them: http://www.khmountain.com/airsoft/product_...roducts_id=3489 http://www.khmountain.com/airsoft/product_...roducts_id=1773 http://www.khmountain.com/airsoft/product_...roducts_id=2455 My principal choice manufacturers seem to be; Element Jong-King Dream Army (Classic army?) Or should I just stick with the G&P and insist on finding a cheaper place? Also would like to know if there is a big advantage with my Ver 6 of changing to bearings from brushings and if/what ratio gears my gearbox needs? I'm given to understand I want standard speed/torque parts. Hope I'm not asking too much~
  2. I just bought an SRC XM-8 and am awaiting delivery - I also bought it from Actionhobbies, coincidence - the GenIII guns are very reliable, entirely steel gearbox with aluminium for internal gun parts and far better than GenII and GenI which ought to be described as the manufacturers learning period. My friend has a SRC G36c and is very happy with it, fired 320 out of the box and has required no post-purchase upgrades or downgrades. Check out more reviews before making a decision either way but the SRC GenIII is a very good looking family of weapons and I can't wait to get mine delivered~
  3. I use a rubber knife occasionally, but the trouble is carrying it. Does anyone know a good place/site to buy a thigh holster or frog for (mock) knives?
  4. Luggage scanners and things can easily detect anything (they even see clothes). Even plastic knives and porcelin guns show up bright as day. Most airports have computer software to assist in the scanning. Unless it was fully declared I wouldn't bother. It'd probably be spotted with you trying to leave the country because the plastic/fibreglass parts show up just as clear as the metal, disassembling won't do a whole lot. Then there's the bloody-mindedness of most officials towards RIFs that you have to remember. It's like the Psueodophoto arguement, the fact its not real doesn't alter the way the law see's it. In law, these things count the same as real. In some juristictions - especially the US I believe - an imitation firearm is the same as a real one. If they wanted to make trouble, it'd be pretty bad. As for what they happily confiscate, the list of things you're allowed on a plane, either in luggage or hand-luggage, is pretty ###### small. I got taken off a plane in Amsterdam because I had a short length of nylon rope (don't ask) in my suitcase. They didn't care why or want to ask about it, they just took me off the plane to show me they'd removed it after seeing it on the scanner. Making me miss my flight was essentially the unofficial punishment to make sure I 'didn't do it again'. It depends where you're flying from in the US, their security is pretty hit-and-miss but I personally would not bother. Two-toned and disassembled probably won't change it one iota unless its fully declared, you get a slip from the airline saying they're happy to carry it AND that its not a violation of the AIRPORT rules carrying it through their infrastructure. Edit: The word filter scrambled the word damned?
  5. Has anyone owned or used (or know someone who knows) an SRC XM8 or any other manufacturers version they'd care to talk about? I've got a lot of interest in owning one but they're not very common, does anyone know if they're any good or not? http://www.starrainbow.com.tw/xr8_od.htm And does anyone know if the SRC Generation III gearbox is any good? I hear its an all-metal gearbox and is very reliable.
  6. I think it can be both at once, there's nothing in the description of either that say they're mutually exclusive. I think Airsoft is a sport and I pursue it as a hobby - as opposed to a job - and thats because I find it a fun passtime. I'm sure there are others that take it more or less seriously than I, but I don't see why it can't be both a sport and a hobby to a person.
  7. Written Review of site (If it should be in the top forum section, my apologies, please move). The UCAP site is a massive underground post-war bunker complex, mostly clad concrete and shiplap tunnels through the chalk of North Portsmouth. Build underneath a major naval RnD testing base the disused tunnels have been turned into a large Close Quarter Battle (CQB) complex. It's pretty much as you'd expect, a confusing layout of tunnels, dead-ends, large vaults and chambers. There's labratory complexes, kenneling, a nuclear storage vault, a large jail area, and an enourmous toilet and shower block. Heavy blast doors and barricades can be placed by staff randomly between games to close corridors or open new ones altering the layout confusingly. Games are played on wednesday evenings and all-day sunday games. Some MilSim games are run on weekdays. The entire site is intermittantly lit with bulkhead lamps which can be turned off and on in sequences, can be turned into strobes and can be alternated to red-lighting. Some games will involve lighting being switched on and off plunging entire sections into complete darkness. All games played have one or more objectives to be completed, often involving the placement of Mk5s (sometimes supplied with a mobile-phone duct-taped to it to simulate C4 charges). I've only been on wednesdays but see an average of 40 people there. Staff are really friendly, tea and coffee complementary, marshalls mix and mingle with players constantly to chat about equipment and the games so far, given how cluastrophobic everything is, they generate a great atmosphere. Highly recomend it, especially if like me you've played a lot of woodland and want to try CQB, engagement distances vary between fifteen/twenty meters and point blank scrums of twenty players knife-killing one another. Website: http://web.mac.com/crackingday/UCAP-UGHQ/Home.html Contact number: 07887541463 (before 8pm only) Address: It's UNDERNEATH PO17 6AR. It doesn't appear to have an address given its formly part of a base that may or may not officially exist.
  8. Yeah, its threatening with a weapon, potentially a deadly one, if you actually open fire and shoot him he can and possibly will sue you for damages. Whether its a criminal offense is a hard one, the fact is its down to the police and sometimes down to the public prosecuters. I've heard many a case of minor or serious offenses where the first officer on the scene says he completely understands and agree's with what the person has done. Incidents I could cite are such cases as defending yourself from a mugger, violent incident involving teenagers attacking you in a pub, minor driving offenses like breaking a yellow light or things like prositution (that last one is less likely on this board) where two weeks can go by after the first respondant officer notes it in his book and leaves. You think its all fine until two new officers turn up on your doorstep and announce your being charged. The problem is, holding burglars at gunpoint probably IS a crime and like purchasing RIFs as a skirmisher its more a case of having a 'mitigating defense' rather than it not being a crime. If the first policeman says it fine, doesn't mean its the end of it, any officer low on his arrests this month can turn up and decide to book you, as can the prosecution office. They can overrule his paperwork marked "No further action taken" and mail you a court summons. My cousins a constable, told me a real scare story that theres an officer in his previous nick near southwark who he had a real dislike for who considered himself robocop. He used to troll around the locker-rooms asking people if there were any minor events they'd let slide he could do a follow up on, copy the names/addresses from their pocketbooks and go around their houses to charge them. If there's a burglar in your house, your number one aim is to get him out of the house as fast as possible, even if it means giving him some petty cash to get out if it avoids violence. Get him out and keep yourself safe, don't try and hold him or bluff him with a weapon or an RIF, just get him out of your house, anything else is exceeding your lawful authority and just places you at risk of prosecution or even places yourself at risk if he has a knife. Metal Knife trumps bb-gun. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight... unless its a toy-gun fight. You do NOT want to end up in front of a jury for any reason, even if you get found not guilty it'll cost you thousands of pounds, weeks and months of worry and heartache where you can't work - and I garantee all your airsoft weapons will be confiscated and you'll never be permitted to own one again.
  9. And needless to say, when you have them sent over - do so by special courier rather than regular frieght or post - and have them completely disassembled. Sending them over as complete guns is a great way to have them completely confiscated. Inquire at the post office over here when you arrive, they'll probably have the information you need. A customs decleration will definately be needed to be filled in by whomever is posting them or, again, they'll probably be confiscated and that should probably contain whatever information the post office tell you to stick on it. Forget the batteries as they probably won't work too happily with UK power outputs so its probably worthwhile to pick up some new ones over here.
  10. I picked this up on eBay, its marked as a police utility vest - which I believe it is - but its either a prototype that got chucked, a brief-run replica or its in use by some rural west-lothian style force with a unique system because I've never seen a vest like it before or since. I just want to know if this is a standard pouch connector that airsofters use or if its something unqiue (or as I suspect, the important part has been ripped off and nicked before it was sold to me. If you can't get a sense of scale, this is the front lower abdomen of the armour and the strips are the height of my hand fingertips to heel. Essentially a row of the soft half of velcro strips with four male stud connectors. Am I going to be able to buy pouches to fit this or shall I just get a big-Arse strip of spikey sided velcro and improvise?
  11. I bought an ABS pistol, a GJW m9. I bought it from SAS 'cos of price but its fairly obvious after this time that he has no intention of dispatching the goods - he probably has no intention of placing an order from his wholesalers. What I get from feedback of Mark Woolleys scam is that his website lists more stuff than he has. Several HUNDRED more items than he has in stock. Clearly he waits until he has lots of orders for something then bulk buys - especially weapons. And the pattern is that if he doesn't have more than one order for your items, you can go F**k yourself, he has your money and so you'll wait, possibily forever, for your order to be dispatched. I've heard of people waiting patiently for nine months and still nothing - he's a cowboy so he's in no rush and doesn't care in the slightest how you feel about it. People who order and get their stuff within the week are the ones who are lucky enough to order what he has in stock or what he can always get in at a cheap price. Its the discount and cheaper-than-landwarrior stuff he screws people on.
  12. Thanks for the welcome~ My P90s been taken apart three times now since january by people scarecly able to believe that its suffered no mechanical problems in the four years I treated it like a toy and still delcared fighting fit. Other than the oil film drying up its not even misfired in twelve days of skirmishes. Although its got the usual TokyoMarui SMG habits (ie: a mind of its own) where some games it seems a little slow firing and relaxed and then another day its blasting twenty rounds a second at 340fps. Something I gather is common among TM SMGs. Six months ago I'd have said it was 'as reliable as a Toyota', nowadays I think I'll stick with saying "It could almost be German."
  13. It's Special airsoft supplies and I've *already* fallen for the trap and he *is* dodgy. I actually bought from there because it was cheap as opposed to not asking for UKARA, my membership at the UCAP site will be compelted in a week and it wasn't a hardship to wait. Now I feel the idiot. I've made an appointment to speak to an officer in hampshire about possibly the fruad being criminal law matter rather than civil matter under the advice of a solicitor (free first interviews ftw) but he wasn't sure if I'd be implicating myself in a crime. I would imagine UKARA already know about SAS, its Mr. Plod who I'd like to alert.
  14. Yeah, I feel a complete pillock about the whole thing - and I feel sorry for my friend who seems to regret giving the recomendation so quickly, although I don't blame him at all. I made the purchase with my credit-card and have already declared the whole thing a fraudulant transaction (due to his non-existant goods and non-existant communication) and intend to let them fight him for the money via the disputed transaction service. Thank God for credit-cards, if I'd used my debit card I'd never see a penny back. I'd sue him, but whats the point since he apparently ignores the court papers and ignores the inevitible judgement against him.
  15. Heyas I'm a new member to the forum, I'm a mature student at the Uni. of Portsmouth and a member of the university society; UPAIR. I usually play at UCAP Bunker with the team but am intending to give Combat South a bit of a run too in the future, especially after exams. I've been airsofting since january of this year and am loving it, I own a tokyo marui P90 I bought in 2006 because it was cheap and 'looked cool'. I found out about Airsoft for the first time at a freshers faire here. Its a testement to TM manufacturing that after basically being played with by me and some media/drama student friends as a prop and stored under my bed I could just put a battery in it, have someone oil the main spring (I think?) and go for a weekend-long event without anything else needing done. Future purchases are likely to include either a STAR/ARES manufacutre UMP or an XM8. I quite like futuristic looking weapons and wish that there was an FN-2000 airsoft AEG.