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Big thanks to all (beware...n00b manlove)

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I just need to say a big thanks to all on airsoft forums uk for all the information I've gleaned over the last few weeks. I'm hoping to attend my first rookie skirmish this weekend and I'm not sure I would have got very far without a LOT of help.


I like to research my interests before spending any hard-earned money and on these forum I've learnt everything from what a ris rail is to the all-important legislation regarding this hobby. I've purchased a two tone SRC G36c and lots of gear. I also need to add that I've had nothing but positive experiences from all airsoft retailers (www.military1st.co.uk & www.geniestuff.co.uk are two that spring to mind).


Anyway, all give yourself a pat on the back for giving much-needed advice to a new player. I'll let you know how it goes on my first skirmish.



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