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Pre-Skirmish Review of the G&G GR16A2 (Plastic Body)

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Hey Guys!, Sike here with my Pre-Skirmish review of my first AEG, the G&G GR16 A2 Combat Machine.


Let me start by saying that when you pick this beast up, it feels rock solid. There is no wobble apart from the front site post(doesn't bother me as i will tape it down). The stock easily fits an 8.4v 3000mah battery and i will assume a 9.6v would fit snugly!. It has a nice weight to it, it doesn't feel cheap, light or "plastic". The G&G Polymer body is thick and strong, my mother accidentley knocked it over(i shat myself!) and nothing broke. Comes with a G&G 470rd Hi-Cap metal magazine, however i bought myself a king arms 5x mid cap box set. they both fit and feed perfectly fine even tho they wobble about a bit.


Took it round my friends place as he and his parents own a reasonably large plot of land so i could test it without fear of neighbours calling the police! Rate of fire is excellent with a 8.4v. Definitely feels like it shoots faster than the Beta AK's i used in my rental games. Fired pretty straight out of the box, gave the barrel a clean before shooting it ofc. Only had to adjust the hopup a little bit. I was hitting my friend centre mass 3 out of every 5 shots at approx 100 feet on semi auto. I even stood on the receiving end of the bb's and you can definitely feel the bb hitting at 100 feet. Full auto spreads out a bit more as you can imagine but is still fairly accurate in short bursts.


Trigger pull is a bit stiffer than i was expecting but got use to it.


Just need to get a decent sling for it and a vest then im ready to rock for Ambush Adventures Chobham on April 29th!





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