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Adding sidearm + nades to current loadout

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Sup. I just wanted to add a bit to my current loadout.


At the moment I carry 9*mp5 mags, small speedloader, medium speedloader, bottle of bbs, sidearm + extra mag, various bits (batteries etc)


I got an assault vest, only some limited molle at the back:

3*m4 pouches to the right- 3*mp5 mags each (so 9 total),

3*m4 pouches to the left- middle is for sidearm, other two for used mags

two vertical velcro pouches- I use one for extra pistol mag & small speedloader, other for the medium speedloader

small pouch with button - empty/optic battery

bottle holster (molle) - bottle of bbs

utility bag (molle) - various bits


Using lowcaps I wanted to add 9 to the other side but picked up some midcaps the other day and with them I don't think I need to do that... Still havnt decided if I think it's cheating or not to, my site is semi only so I can shoot for ages with no reload.


So here is now my loadout need to change:

replace sidearm for sidearm with 5 mags (1+4)

add one a BFG, possible 1-3 in the not so near future

add a dump pouch


I dont want to change the vest as it have the perfect looks and feel to it.


One solution I was thinking was getting a molle belt. can you use them with assault vest? I suppose being tall my assault vest is quite high up on my body.. Does anyone carry heavy items like sidearm and BFGs on molle best, does it work? will I need the ones with braces?


I am also thinking a dropleg holster for the sidearm + 1 spare mag. but then I still have 3 pistol mags, the dump pouch and the BFG to worrie about... Maybe the dropleg and the melle belt?


would the bfg fit in an m4 mag pouch? was also thinking of sewing a dump pouch to the vest but not all that keen on the idea..



Any suggestions welcome.



P.S. if molle can be avoided that would be great. it's the oldschool/simplistic look I love with the vest I have.

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ive got my holster, pistol mags, bfg pouches & when used dump pouch on a belt, every thing else on my rig, so when i fancy just pistol fun its all ready

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