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IWA 2012 news

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I haven't been able to get online much recently, and so, haven't been able to post this thread :P

Just an update/recap and discussion place for everything at the recent show.


So firstly, real sword ruined up. Which made me happy, until I saw what they had. Their AR-15's have been put on hold until 'the time is right', which is disapointing to say the least.

They brought their type 88 along with the type 97 lmg, but not much news there.

Now, the nice bits, gbbr svd with steel internals and a sportsline series- AK47, scorpion, stubble m4 and an Aug.


Kwa turned up again, had the kriss and gbbr's on display, as well as their lovely tokarev

Still loving the kriss, would like to see more of the erg's.


The final 'big thing' is the one I'm most excited about, the ASAR, a new armalite from the makers of the ascu. Looks like everything youd want in an aeg, and for a cheapest price. an AK is in the works too


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