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marksman tips

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this is a very basic guild to help the forum new guys (FNG's)

these are just my experiences on being a marksman for all the FNG's

but to start with some ground rulls

1. if you post the following 360*, no scope, or sniping i will not post nice things


ok now the things ill be covering should help your skills, i will be covering the following

misconceptions, aiming & hit spots, systems and movements ok lets begin



1. you are not a sniper you are a marksman plan and simple you are not over 800m away you are under 100m understand great

next just because your in a suit dose not make you invisible and unless you know how to make one your self then your just a big easy slow target understand yes


on to aiming

first off the target and were to hit, in airsoft the target might have a vest or a big coat on so center body hits may/will be ignored so i find upper leg and arm shots work best NO head shots if you can help it

next i find aiming a foot or two ahead of the target helps if its moving or it windy but it's sometime best if you wait for him/her/it to stop

also since your firing a ball it will drift off to the left once its out of the barrel remember that


next systems

first things first if go straight out and but a bolt action for your first shoot your a mong! ok?

dont get me wrong bolt actions are grand but i do recommend a DMR of sorts like a M14 SVD or a g3 ect ect then if you want you can get stuck in with all the other guys and you wont need a PDW for support

now scopes any thing bigger than a x9 scope childish and expensive you no theres no point spending 150 quid for a x80 night vision thermal scope with tin opener were a x4 acog is worth 30-40 quid

right time for ammo .2 bb's are ok but .25 or .30 hit's like a shite hawk also wind has less effect


now movement

right this is important dont run and if you ignored me before and got a suit and your no try to run you are basically saying YOU WHO anyone want to zero there weapon understand just stay calm and move slow and low and you'll be grand

now if you see a tree DO NOT SIT BESIDE IT you'll make it look sick try to find some were prickly or dark damp and full of day-bury to hide in and last but still important if you can move after firing two shots and if your behind there lines dont let them see you or you'll be in a target rich environment very quickly


right lads i hope this helps all the FNG marksman out there also if i missed anything let me know. B)

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Would you like to specisfy any type of scope? i personaly use MILDOT 3-9 x 40 (although i permanatly keep it on 3x) with my mausers and my dragunov uses a real PSO scope for the real deal dragunov my avatar kinda gives that one away.


Why do i use these two?


spotting the pso scope is alot clearer and has a built in range finder on the etched scope unlike the wire scopes its also easier to zero in, the PSO is a good scope it as 8x magnification fixed but is good for the ranges i use in airsoft and i use only 0.30g BB's in all my sniper rifles.


The only other scopes i use are MILDOT simply because i can range find with them and they are very good for hold overs, and also i find i can ajust faster for windage.


And a foot note i guess i did do a marksmen course many years ago and i have shot targets at ranges of upto 1000meters using the older L96A1 with .388 lapua rounds and remarkably these rounds are very heavy for thier size upto 300 grains if memory serves

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thanks for that forgot all about scopes but you'll never need a range finder since your only 50+ meters away but i like the concept of the red dot and the 3x scope

also did you do your course at Brecon and Warminster by any chance?

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niether i shot on ranges in germany twice with the 3rd mercian regiment in Lumsden Barracks Bad Fallingbostel, they have a special area in the woods near by sectioned off from the public for range shooting and light vehicle training, the barracks are also used as a staging point for other regiments returning home or going out however due to the defence cuts its due to be closed in the near future.

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