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Hi all

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Hello everyone


Fairly new to airsoft. Played a few games using some pretty battered hire guns but fortunately this week I've been able to purchase my first gun. Spent a bit more than I'd planned but after having a play with a few AEGs in the range and chatting with the staff in the shop I finally went for the Magpul G&P MOE CQB and had it front wired with an ASCU. I got a few other bits such as extra mags, sling, couple of LiPo batteries and charger, etc. I'm really impressed, although I've only got to test it out in the back garden so far :lol: can't wait to skirmish it at the end of the month.


I've played my first few games in DPM but fancy getting some MTP. Does anybody know how the UBACS shirt size up? I'm 44"chest so I'm thinking either a large or XL.


Looking forward to spending some more time on the forum.






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