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Complete newbie asking for advice

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Ok so ive read the pinned guides about where to play and what to buy.


I now know what manufacturers to look for and I have a rough map of where I can play some airsoft.


I do however have a few questions. So far Ive never played airsoft, I played paintball and loved it but

Im getting a feeling airsoft is a lot better because of its realism and the equipment.


I prefer running around with an M4 rather then some weird looking gun that doesnt let you hold it

like a normal gun or aim it like one either:)


So I turned here.


I am wanting to find out if I need to buy body armor. Does it hurt enough to need one?

I am not really one to care about how much it hurts but I see a lot of videos on youtube and people

wearing them.


Paintball doesnt really hurt me at all and im guessing airsoft wont be much different so I am for now

passing on the body armor but Id like to know if you guys have a different opinion.


Also is there a good website where I can pick from all sort of manufacturers equipemnt like JG G&G and

that army manufacturer whatever its called:)


Not too sure where I can get reliable equipment from. I dont want one of those orange guns

I want a full on metal replica with the same weight and colouring if possible.


I know they probably cost more but I have the money so thats not the issue.


Also how much will I be spending do you guys think? In my head its around £300?

Is that close or way off?


As I said im passing on the armor so im guessing all I need is BBs, gun, mags, battery... anything else?


Last question.


What sort of FPS should I go for? I looked up a couple of companies and they seem to be around the 300fps mark. Most of them

as far as ive gotten in my research dont allow for more then that.


Please give me any tips on a good gun to buy, all the equipment, nice place to go to around Berkshire and the

surrounding counties and so on.


Thanks a lot:) Simon

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Body armour isn't an issue, what you see people wearing are replica plate carriers - they look like real steel plate carriers, they wear them as they have MOLLE attatchments to personalise the rig to your own needs. They choose this style as most of airsoft is the looks.


Couple of good wesbites exist:



Airsoft World

Action Hobbies

Patrol Base (thought I might try and throw that cheeky one in there - it's where I work)


Avoid Special Airsoft Supplies at all costs


Try and buy within the UK.


We have the VCRA and UKARA to contend with for registration and 'licensing' to buy RIF's (real looking ones) if you don't have it, there are MANY MANY MANY threads about it and how to get it.


£300 is a nice budget, spend £200-£250 minimum on a gun (AEG, not a sniper rifle or gas)





Tokyo Marui

Classic Army (CA)




Buy a gun you like. they all operate in a similar fashion inside.

Consider what 'loadout' you want - US marines - SAS - Terry Taliban - some bloke with a shiny gun and not spent nearly as much on some second hand combat trousers (my personal favourite)


find some eyewear that you like, if you want to keep teeth, choose a lower mesh mask/full face, if you want to be able to see get hold of either 'ESS' or 'BOLLE' glasses.


and finally:

Welcome to airsofting and the forums :D - feel free to ask more questions

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just to let you know if you didnt all ready that if you buy a gun new ,it most likely will not come with a battery,charger or extra mags.

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Personally i would hire for a few times and buy a cheap £20 second hand rig, then if you dont like it and want to go back to painting the countryside you can and not wasted too much money.


Then i would decide to buy something like a CA sport line premier M4 (i can get them for £150 inc battery and mag (Pick up only)) , i have had G&P magpul m4s, used systemas, and Sop mods, and personally the CA m4 is one of the best i have used for Skirmishing,


Fire support is good at doing discounts if you are bulk buying, unlike other shops.


To buy a black gun you need UKARA defense (or site membership)


Few high cap mags (350 bbs per mag)

and a few mid caps (120 bbs per mag) plus speed loader

2 batteries

balance charger

a gun

a rig

and decent eye protection

maybe communications (radio) (at a later stage when you join a team)


Thats about it.

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I agree with special airsoft supplies, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!


I personally would rent for a day and see what you think

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Trying to build this post around what's already been posted.


lol funny how people avoid to mention zeroone :D


If you are thinking about loadout:

AK47 / clones are very versatile, lots of military, lots of armies and resistance groups and guerillas all over the world use them. A downside is size, they are quite chunky and the magazines are massive and wont fit single M4 pouches. Another downside is that it can be a bit awkward to fit tactical equipment on it (optics, witch is a must. vg, torches etc)


M4 is used by western armies and security companies, magazines widely available as well as tactical equipment, spares, mods etc.


MP5, used by police (etc) all around the world. It's my choice cause it's small and so is the mags so you can carry loads. Scope mount is available for +/- £10.


SMG being slightly shorter doesn't make a lot of difference. DON'T get a sniper, play first, and if you then still think you want to snipe you can get one.



GET FULL MASK! (It's not worth losing our teeth to look cool, and often under 18s are not allowed to play without mask)



Rent (3 plays and you could have thought a decent 2nd hand gun for the cash)

Get anything named "sportline"

Get a sniper*

Get a sidearm, It's not necessary and you are very unlikely to use it (get one later when you really got into the sport)


*EVERYONE thinks sniping is the sport for them. Most cases they realise the reality of sniping is really boring. If you REALLY want to be a sniper, get an M4 with x4 scope and try sniping semi automatic, the extra 100 fps allowed on snipers don't add a lot of range in reality. And snipers are banned on urban sites.




You take a risk buying second hand guns, but you can get most kit for almost nothing 2nd hand. here's the cost of my current kit:

£1 - Working goggles

£10 - mesh mask (£5 from HK but needed it fast)

£25 - 2nd hand toruses & jacket

£12 - assault vest w/ pouches & kneepads.

£0 - Working gloves I already owned (£16)

£0 - Working boots I already owned (£80)

£100 - 2nd hand, mint CA B&T mp5k. Best gun I've had.

Got mags in various trades can't really pinpoint, but if you buy multipacks they are max £5 each.


Not counting the gun, it's a 2nd hand china clone and I regret buying it.

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