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[Help & Opinion] My First Load out.

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My friend and I have decide to start AirSoft we are now both 18 so we its easyer to travel and buy equipment etc.


So I am going to leave every single piece of equipment that we are thinking of buying and we would like your opinion, so we can use our money in a smart way thanks.


Also i am going to leave everything in order of What we think is most important.





M4 AEG Carbine Two-tone BLUE SRC







- Retractable stock for easy storage

- Modular reciever top rail accessory system allows optics to be attached.



System: Electric

Muzzle Velocity: Approx 300 fps

Powered by: 8.4v Mini Type Battery (Not included)

Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds (6mm BB)

Length: 868 mm

Weight: 2800 g


Do you have a battery & BBs?

This product requires a battery & BBs to work which are not included.


Price excluding VAT: £108.33

Price including VAT: £129.99

Status: In stock






8.4V 1600mah small mini battery VAP




Type Ni-MH

Voltage: 8.4v

Mah (Runtime capacity): 1600

Connector Mini Tamiya

Please note It is very important not to over charge batteries as this will cause damage to the cells.


Price excluding VAT: £23.33

Price including VAT: £27.99

Status: In stock






Charger for 8.4V with Large & Small Tamiya Plug VAP




Ni-MH Fast Charger with LED indicator.


Always check your battery's details to calculate charging times and compatibility


Charger comes with Large and Small Tamiya connector.

You can now charge all your batteries with one charger.


Price excluding VAT: £11.66

Price including VAT: £13.99

Status: In stock




BB Pellets:












.25g BB'S -


TOTAL 4000








Price: 13.45

Delivery: 4.45




eye wear:






ESS ICE™ eyeshields offer a unique combination of impact resistance, unrestricted views, and interchangeable lenses for excellent eye protection in any light. Authorised for use and issued by the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force (ICE-2X™) and numerous NATO governments (ICE-3LS™). The 2.4mm polycarbonate high-impact lenses offer distortion-free clarity and broad coverage from projectiles. The ICE’s unlimited field of view is ideal for weapons sighting and is compatible with all helmets and communications equipment. Reinforced PosiLock™ temples provide secure frame/lens retention.


Price: £24.95 (looking for quality rather then budget in this category).










Full grain leather upper, waterproof breathable Breathatax® linig, 3M Thinsulate insulation layer, shock absorbing outsole with PU interlayer, oil/slip resistant 2cm high reinforced rubber strip for extra protection








G Weekend Warrior Tight CAMOSHELL SHIRT ( ACU )






Brand : Weekend Warrior


Very Tight fitting , M size for 5'6''

L size for 5' 8''

XL for 5'10 ''

Free Shipping


Price: Around £12






Emerson CP Gen2 style Tactical Pants ( WL Marpat )





Waist optional from 30 '' to 38 ''

35% Cotton 65% Polyester

Regular Length

Come with pad set as photo shown

Not include the Belt and Boots ( photo shown )

Free Shipping


Price: Around £22






Matrix Tactical Systems MOLLE Ready LBV (Load Bearing Vest) w/ Hydration Carrier (OD)





- M.O.L.L.E. system ready, for additional modular pouch attachments.

- Built in Hydration carrier ready for bladder insertion. Built in loops for bladder drinking tube.

- Maximum Air flow / maximum confort.

- Body armor type adjustable Inner and outer waist strap. Adjustable Velcro shoulder strap. One size fits most sizes.

- Quick release buckle system. Allow user to gear up or quick detach in seconds.

- Designed for Airsoft and war game simulations.

- Made with highest quality Nylon / Cordura like waterproof military grade material.

- Durable Rescue pull.

- Genuine Matrix Tactical Systems Product.


*Patches, pouches, water bladder and mannequin in images NOT Included.


Like all other Matrix Tactical System (MTS) designs, this vest is designed to be simple yet highest quality possible. It has everything you need in a Loading Bearing Harness and more, with the MTS quality you can come to expect.


Look & Feel: The vest appears high quality construction and "simple". Almost as simple as possible, yet at a closer glance, it has webbing all over for any MOLLE pouches you need and a hidden full size hydration carrier. This vest can be customized for any leavel of gaming in minutes and be put on in seconds.


Finish: Perfectly constructed.


Field Review: For players that wants to customize your vest with ONLY the most useful pouches, this is where you start. The hydration carrier is built in internally, providing the entire back panel for other useful accessories such as the radio or RAV ID tags. It is light weight unlike most plate carriers that offers the same feature. Essentially, plate carriers are not very useful for Airsoft and it generates too much heat and weight, making this LBV one of the most ideal for Airsofting.






For Magazines:


Modular MOLLE Ready Tactical Double M4 M16 Magazine Pouch - Woodland Camo




*This listing is for 1 pouch in the color specified.


Modular MOLLE Ready Tactical Double M4 M16 Magazine Pouch - Woodland Camo

The Phantom / Condor pouches are not the low quality clone pouches that may appear similar in images, that you may find in common Airsoft websites. They are made with 1000D Cordura product made to military specification for the serious gamers, military personnel, law enforcement and collectors. Condor and Phantom products are made to high specifications and standards for the real deals.


This is a MOLLE webbing integrated pouch ready to attach almost anywhere you like. This pouch holds 4 AR / M4 M16 magazines, or 2 G36C magazines, or other similar size magazines.

Tactical pouches offered here at Evike.com are U.S. Military spec. to keep your gears protected at the ready. They are made out of the highest quality Cordura material that is both durable, light and water-proof. We also ensure that they are compatible with all the other gears we sell here to maximize your tactical advantage.


Size: 7" x 7.25" x 2"

Color: Tan

Manufacture: Phantom (Pantac) / Condor.

Material: 1000D Cordura.

Application: Holds 4 common size AR rifle magazines (two per pouch) or two G36C size magazines. Attaches to MOLLE webbing and belts. Works for frag grenade, holds smoke grenades and sound flash grenades as well.




Fully compatible with our U.S. Military Style (M.O.L.L.E.) tactical vest, platform, body armor and belts.

Keep your gear protected at the ready.

Stylish Durablity and lightweight strength.

Built-in straps to also accept A.L.I.C.E. clips and belts.

Velcro lip with fast pull.

Resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions.

Designed for living, built to last.


Price: £7 (thinking of getting 3 of these)




General utilities:


Condor Large Utility / General Purpose Pouch (ACU)




Condor Large Utility / General Purpose Pouch (ACU)



- Holds six 30rd M4 mag.

- Flap closure with hook & loop, and two side-release buckle.

- Front 3" x 2" panel for Velcro patches.


Size: 8"H x 8"W x 2.5"D








z Matrix Carbon Knuckle Leather Half-Finger Combat Gloves - XS




Wrap your hands in hard knuckle power with superior protection from assailants and objects. Contains both Carbon Hard Shell Knuckle and Genuine Leather for your intense missions.



- Durable Genuine Leather.

- High-density construction for maximum protection.

- Adjustable velcro closure for a secure fit.

- Perfect gloves for rappelling, tactical entry, and disturbance control.

- Double-layer of reinforcement leather and padding on palm

- Special Forces Carbon Hard shell knuckle protection

- Adjustable cuff for secure fit

- Maximum Comfort & Slick look


Color: Black.

Sizes: Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL.


price: £9











The best name brand budget magazines available today, the look great and work brilliantly

£7 each when bought as a box of 5, saving £14 if bought individually!


-Magazine Capacity: 75rds

-For all major M4/M16 Series



Price: £32.94




Grand Total:

Option 1:* £374

Option 2:* £388


*the difference of the two options are that on option one i only added 1 magazine pouch and for option two i would by 3 pouches.




Please leave your feedback, if you know of better prices, shops etc. please share thank you.


I may update this post.

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Thats alot of kit!!!


I am new to airsoft as well and have been collecting kit.


I would steer clear of anything web tex.....looks good but is crap.


Be on the look out for some used kit as you will get a better quality for same price.


Also maybe look out for a complete vest/chest rig as again you can save some cash.


Check out the for sale section.


The mix match of camo may look odd. Different camos is OK but try to keep the same shades ie all desert or all green.


As for guns G&G are highly recommended as a starter gun.



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as above if your 18 then wait until you can get ukara and buy a black gun. but if you want to buy now then id get the g&g link further up the page

also the mix of camo will look very odd also id recommend a long sleeve shirt as if you in woodland there are plenty of thorns and branchs to catch your arms on.

boots wise go to a local store/surplus shop and try some on as these are very important for comfort and safety and what works for one person might not be as comfortable for others.

rig wise id wait until you have played a few games get to know what you want to carry and then you can asses what you need from that but again i wouldnt mix camo just get a plain green/tan/brown one with matching pouchs that way you dont need to worry about changing it if you get new uniform.

same with mags wait until you have played a couple of games to see what works for you that way you will know how many rounds you need and how many mags (if you are trigger happy then high caps would be the way to go or if conservative then mid caps etc)


as for battery go to www.component-shop.com you will find them cheaper.

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i would say go all marpat from what ive seen its very good in woodland areas

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First of all Dont worry, i am not doing different camos i am keeping those coulours for the trouserd and thinking of black as a t-shirt ecause it looks sexy xD


Ok i am also thinking to get UKARA first however can i rent equipment or what should i wear, if they don't?

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Most site have rental kit. If not some old clothes you dont mind getting dirty. Clothing wise for buying it is all dependent on budget and camo preference. You can pick up DPM stuff very cheap and there is alot of desert DPM around at the mo. Or even a pair of market stall combats to get you started.


You will only normally get the gun and one high cap mag when renting so you wont need any load carrying stuff really.


I would ask other players if you can look at their guns and kit. Most wont mind and you can see different set ups and options. My first game i bugged loads of people for a try on their guns. No one minded. That's one of the good things i have noticed about this sport it is all very friendly.

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My buddy and I are going to the local hunting store to check what they got, we live in the biggest City in North of Scotland at the closest site is 40m away and i dont know of any shop to go to :/

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Another reason to "try" before you buy.


You can go for a light load out with just a belt and few mag pouches or a heavy load out with full PC and all the pouches for mags and spares etc..


I use a full PC with home made soft plates, tripple mag pouch, pistol mag pouch, small utility/first aid pouch, large utility pouch, serpa holster and a cargo pack with bladder. Is quite heavy when fully loaded.

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a good chest rig or webbing all ways good you could even make your own marpat webbing

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most sites will have rental guns with a high cap mag and will supply full face masks so the only thing you need is some boots at this point you could also get your own eye wear as what they site will supply wont be the best comfort wise

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Being new to airsoft, I've just kitted myself out. I started by hiring a gun and then buying kit as I was doing my 3 games to get UKARA registered.


1st game - wore old clothes and some old boots, hired a gun and borrowed goggles


2nd game - I'd bought my own DPM trousers/jacket, some decent boots, a half face mask, some gloves and goggles


3rd game - Bought a tactical vest, some decent socks and got my stamp. The very next day, I bought my all black gun, etc.


Take it steady, buy what you need as your getting your UKARA and then you can spread the cost over 2 months.

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Yeah do exactly what the first guy said.


Go to your local airsoft skirmisher, play 3 games, not sure in what time space though. I think its in 2 months or so.

At least 3 games in 2 months but dont quote me on that and then you can get a RIF (The real replicas).

As I have seen they are a little more costly but if you can afford all that equipment then you probably have a

full time job so you can wait another week. get more money. Buy a proper metal and aluminum finish RIF and

all the other equipment you wanted.


I want that MOLLE but I cant find it in the UK anywhere for balls. The ones here are like £100 so I think

I might be buying one from like china or america.


And before you buy all that equipment, trust me rent for 3 games see how much you actually like airsoft

and then buy all the equipment depending on how much you need to play.


I mean if you are only gonna play once in like 2-3 months then you might as well give up on the glasses

and the boots. Just my opinion:)


Im in the same situation. Exactly the same.

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