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Liam Porter

Considering Barrett M82A1

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Okay, so I'm still undecided on what to do with this G&P v2 gearbox I have.


I recently remembered that Barrett M82s use v2 gearboxes, so, I'm actually considering getting one, dependant on costs.



I know there are the Snow Wolf ones (on Action Hobbies and No VAT Combat), for £325-£360.

I have a few questions. What's the gearbox that comes with it like? How long will it last and what's it shooting at?

Also, what would I need to upgrade this gearbox from 350 FPS to 450-500 FPS and lock it to semi?

Does the selector switch actually go all the way round to full auto?

What's a suitable motor and battery for 450+ FPS?


Would be very grateful for a list of parts (with links) that would get the gearbox to how I want it.



Is Socom Gear M82 conversion kit really worth the ~£900 it costs?




And on the topic of Barrett, would it be possible to make this; http://barrett.net/firearms/rec7?



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