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All Arms Airsoft

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It was brought to my attention that maybe not everyone knows where the site is, call me daft but it never hit me that folk didn't know where it is. All Arms Airsoft for those not in the know used to operate under the name of Elite FireZone we are a members run club on 62 Acres of farmland, we have 3 valleys running on the site each with small wooded areas on them, we have two sets of purpose built structures close to each other and we are loacted in Trawden, Lancashire, this is near Colne. To get to the site you follow the M65 right to the end (where Boundary Mill is)Turn left onto Vivary Way (A6068) keep following this road , you will pass through 3 sets of traffic lights and 2 roundabouts, you should pass a pub called the morris dancers on the left just before a roundabout go over the roundabout and take the first right into Trawden, Cottontree lane (B6250) follow this till you get to the church and keep following the road to the right (LaneHouse), keep following this(it will become single track farm roads) follow the road all the way round (there should be yellow tags with AAA pointing the way) pass over two cattle grids then the road takes a sharp right keep following pass over another cattle grid and a farm on your left and we are through the next two gates (the car park is the field on the left).


Any questions email me at [email protected] or find my contact info here All Arms Airsoft

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