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GASS Ground War @ Piddington

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Our popular format is back at it's home Piddington Military Training Area.


A rolling battle fought throughout the day to gain control of certain area's around the whole site. Its simple, hold the objective (Be within 10meters) for the time designated time on your ‘Team Orders’ and your team Wins the points set for that particular objective. Several objectives may need to be held at the same time, and It’s up to your team how to divide your force's strength to maintain occupancy of your objectives.

Pay attention though as some designated objectives are worth more points than others, if you decide to hold or sacrifice certain objectives then that’s your team’s call.


Fee's for the event are as follows:

£20 Walk On or £45 for a rental package.


You can either play in green or dessert loadouts please see our website for specific rules.


To book for this event please go to our website: http://gassairsoft.com

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