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C3 Tactical

C3 Tactical Skirmish Site

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C3 Tactical is a site based in Longhope, near Gloucester. We run both regular skirmish sundays as well as more realistic Ops and training programmes.


We've been open about a year and a half and have developed a young woodland site into a fun and strategic site containing a stone barn with scaffold interior floors and two wooden 'kill houses' to break up the woodland. We are building up a nice community through our Facebook group here but would like to reach new a bigger audience which is why we are joining up on this forum. We would love you guys to come and link up with us for future events and skirmishes and also get involved in our Infantry training schemes run by a Royal Marine Commando instructor who will have you playing better, harder and faster than ever before! A lot of players don't feel the need for any training but we have seen such a difference in both physical skills and players head states that we are under no illusion as to its benefits.


We are not just an airsoft site though. We also write table top wargames for all periods, hold martial arts and fitness classes. So if any of this sounds interesting to you and you are close to the Longhope area then get in touch on here for a chat and we really look forward to getting some Airsoft Forum lads or lasses down to shoot at soon!


Many Thanks




We are playing a series of games leading up to "Operation Homeland" to create a better back story and determin the resources available to both sides.


So far the Royalists are being smashed, they have lost every fight they have been involved in, usually with heavy casualties, even when they have had the initiative.


If you coming to "Homeland" then you need to get involved in these games, especially if you are on the royalists side ;)

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