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Operation Copehill Dawn 2nd & 3rd June 2012

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In February 2010 the world was rocked by a weather front like none ever recorded in human history. The sea’s seem to swirl tsunamis, tornado’s and hurricanes plundered the lands and the skies rained an acid water that poisoned water reservoirs and killed much of the planets plant life, only the hardy tree’s survived. The earth was in turmoil. Water became a new currency, as the rain had made over 75% of the earths water polluted and undrinkable.

War soon followed a dirty tactical war that soon turned nuclear. Korea the first to strike surprisingly hit Russia, why no one knows why maybe they planned it as a tactical strike foreseeing what would happen next.

The Russians thought it was a US strike so they unleashed on the US, retaliating China followed suit and attacked the US, it was a knock on war that saw 95% of the worlds Nuclear power destroy it’s self. The US was by far the worse to be hit, estimating a death toll of 200 million people with another 700,000 dying to the after effects. The UK was also badly hit, back stabbed by the French and hit hard in London, Birmingham and other major cities. Only 10% of the worlds population exists and how long this lasts no one can tell, radiation poisoning adds to the lack of water and the skies these days are grey.


1 year on

Deep in Salisbury Plains a disused MOD training facility is one of the few “clean” places left in the UK a new war is dawning, a war of territory, ammo but the biggest commodity of them all, clean water.


Task Force Alpha a secret government force has been sent in to locate resources and eliminate any threat. They did not expect to find such an organised group. In fact what they found was an army worthy of a fight. Copehill is well stocked with supplies, but just as well guarded.


A small elite French task force looks on with interest. They know they must stay concealed; the French in England would not be welcomed even more so than any task force...those bastards tried to kill us.


Join the fight Copehill Down 2nd & 3rd Of June 2012 for only £75 (Or £70 if you played Bramley)




Task Force Alpha (TFA)

Kit: Desert tactical uniforms: British DDPM, ACU, Multicam, Desert Tiger Stripe, Desert MARPAT, Desert CADPAT, Tropentarn or Auscam, Tan top and trousers are fine but must be Tan.


English civilians/Copehill defenders

Kit: civillian ripped, old, dirty and smelly, think Mad Max/Book of Eli, However no all tan

All green military: British Woodland DPM, Flecktarn, U.S. Tricolour Woodland, MARPAT, CADPAT, No tan or dessert kit!


Booking details and rules to follow


Plus saturday night will have a special night game of Zombie survival (This is not a zombie weekend we will just have a special game due to popular demand)


For full rules and booking see http://www.requiemairsoft.co.uk

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