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GASS Events and Dates 2012

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These are our Game Dates for 2012.


Please be aware that these could be subject to change due to the fact we operate out of a Military Training Area and obviously their needs are a lot greater than ours.


Hopefully another area will be made available to us which is only a 3 minute drive from the area we are currently using so a switch between either area will be no hassle at all.


Dates will also be posted out on Facebook and various other Forums. Specialist events will be posted up on our news page throughout the year so keep an eye on those or subscribe to our RSS feed to stay informed, at http://gassairsoft.com


Booking for game days and events can be done via our website, you don't have to create an account to book for an event.


January: ***Eversley Weekender***

Saturday 7th @ Gunman Eversley (Hants) - Regular Day

Sunday 8th @ Gunman Eversley(Hants) - Regular Day


Feburary: ***Eversley Weekender***

Saturday 11th @ Gunman Eversley (Hants) - Regular Day

Sunday 12th @ Gunman Eversley(Hants) - Regular Day


March: ***Eversley Weekender***

Saturday 10th @ Gunman Eversley (Hants) - Regular Day

Sunday 11th @ Gunman Eversley(Hants) - Regular Day



Saturday 7th @ Piddington (Bicester) - GASS Ground War Event

Sunday 22nd @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC



Saturday 12th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 27th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC



Saturday 9th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 24th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

July: *** Army Benevolent Fund Weekender***

Friday 6th (Evening Social)

Saturday 7th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 8th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC



Saturday 11th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

G2 Events August Bank Holiday GASS Battlefield Weekender *** Details to follow ***

Friday 24th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Saturday 25th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 26th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC



Saturday 8th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 23rd @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC



Saturday 13th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 28th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC


Saturday 10th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 25th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC



Saturday 8th @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC

Sunday 23rd @ Piddington (Bicester) - TBC (Christmas Special)

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