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A little bit about GASS

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The Site

GASS began operating in September 2006 out of Knotley Farm in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire before moving to a larger site at Penn in Buckinghamshire a couple of years later and occasionally running game days out of Piddington Military Training Area. The new terrains allowed us to move away from the capture the flag type of play and we began running multi objective scenarios throughout our game days. In the past two years with helpful feedback from regulars we have been able to develop several day long game formats that we run often throughout the year. Our main objective is to provide a good military style experience on the field.


Currently we mainly run out of Piddington which has had extensive works to improve the site for training troops, which has also benifited GASS. The site is now double the size providing more varied terrain. We are continuing to run our normal game days and other popular game formats, but also now we have been teaming up with our associate Gunman Airsoft to provide more specialist / themed events such as WWII, Cold War and eventually Wasteland re-enactment/simulated scenarios.


If you've never been to GASS or played airsoft before why don't you come and play at one of our normal game days and see what we're all about. If you want to know more about our other events and games then see our Game Formats page or participate on our Forums.


The Team

The GASS team comprises of Military, Ex-military and experienced Airsofter’s. Staff use their combined experience to provide a military style experience on the field. All of us are keen Airsofters who play at other venues and events when possible as part of a team. We take our ideas from other sites and share our original ideas with others too.


Our ethos is on community and gamesmanship which is backed up by our regulars, and ever growing support staff.

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