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DIY foldstock project

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Just popped into my head that I should make a fold stock for my mp5.


I prefer the homemade look. Like ww2 resistance group weapons, ak47 mods etc. For insperation right now I am thinking about ak47 wirestock, stengun (both original stock and wire stock). Any suggestions/picture/ideas of more or less improvised solutions appreciated.


Got some metal junk to harvest from for the stock part.


Haven't quite figured out how I will fix it to the gun or make the folding part. Not even sure to be honest if it is going to fold at the end of the day. Again, suggestions and ideas appreciated.


At the moment I am thinking of doing an L shape (you you get what I mean), possible with a support tube, making it a triangle. for the mount, I am thinking about using the slidestock slot to make it better fixed. I live near a garage that can solder anything for me for a cost..



Again, I appreciate all ideas/suggestions/feedback!


Couldn't wait. Not a folding stock but:


(darn I hate not having a vise)




think this one is finished, very easy to slide on and off (goo to minimize the length, for transport purposes) but wont nudge unless you want it to. time to start to think about the next one..



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