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Zero One and G&G CM16 Carbine.

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First off. Two sections; Zero One Airsoft and my experience with them; G&G CM16 Carbine.


Zero One Airsoft


Their website is easy to search and find items. Has a clear selection with easy to use price and name search restrictions.

Their items are reasonably cheap and they have a fairly large variety of items.

The descriptions and specifications of weapons are terrible. They're 1 or 2 bullet points at best. Although i found people write reviews about the items on their websites and normally list the contents.

Setting up an account was fairly easy and certain things that would take a while were able to by-pass.

To buy anything under the VCR Act, you need to provide identity or UKARA number. A photocopy of a drivers licence worked for us.

The payment option got me but it was a stupid mistake. A quick email on a saturday and a re-entering of the order. The messed up order was canceled and the product sent on Monday. All through the process we were contacted through email.

Because the size and weight of the item, it was delivered by FedEx who delivered it within 35 hours of dispatch. I thought this was fairly good as it arrived around 6pm the next day.

The items were packed with crunched up paper and fit snug in the packaging.

The rifle arrived with a scuff mark on the carrying handle, where the paint had rubbed off but nothing major.


Website: 9/10

Ease of Purchase: 7/10

Cost: 8/10

Delivery: 8/10

Quality: 8/10


G&G CM16 Carbine


Gun Name and maker: G&G CM16 Carbine


FPS: Not tested myself ~ According to online 349-351

Hop up: Yes

Mag Capacity: 450 High Cap With Rifle

Battery: No.

Plastic/Metal/Both: High Quality Plastic. Some small parts metal.


My opinion and overall comments:

Good starter gun. Quite easy to see how it comes together. Needed a few questions and the instructions could be better but looks sturdy and easy to use.


Overall rating: 8/10

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