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SRC M4A1 Carbine - Where to start with upgrades???

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Hey all,


Well i just got my first gun, SRC M4A1 Carbine, What can i say it seems pretty top notch. But i would like to improve it before i take it into combat into the new year. The only trouble being this is my first owned gun and makes me a noob! haha!


It is currently is standard.


I was thinking first of all upgrade the battery? It is currently a 8.4 1200mah. Is it worth upgrading if so what would be ideal for this gun?

Second thing im looking to get will be another mag. Just another standard M4 is ideal i think?

Followed by a sling to help me carry it :)


I would be looking to get all this at some point this week. If this is the correct way to go?


I do have plans to get a red dot site for it aswell and i am also trying to find out if i can add more rails to it? Any help in this matter would be great!


Sorry if its in the wrong section but i wasnt to sure where to post!


Thanks in advance!

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battery: http://www.component-shop.co.uk/ is the place to get batteries. You could stay with 8.4v, and just get one with a bigger mAh rating, this will allow you to shoot more, but make sure it will fit. Component shop give dimensions to each battery so should be easy to work out. Or you can go for a 9.6v, which will give you a little bit more rate of fire and the SRC gearbox/motor will be up to that. Something like a 1600mAh is quite good to go for and won't break the bank.


magazine: SRC can be a bit picky, so your best bet is to get another SRC m4 magazine, should set you back around £15 and can be found on ebay!



Sling: Well the choice is yours on a sling, single point, 2 point or mult-point. Again ebay is your friend





Rails: not my bag really as I tend to buy them with them already, but does your gun look a bit like this?



If so then you can buy rails to replace the carry handle, or their might be a rail under the carry handle (really don't know bugger all about the m4 tbh as never owned one). You can replace the front hand guards wiht rails as well, but I am sure someone else will point you int he right direction.

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Those aren't upgrades, those are essentials!



Ah well all this reading i keep doing must be getting me somewhere haha!


BIGSHEP - Cheers for all that information! Bundle loads there for me to be looking at now! I'll let ya know how i get on!


instead of adding a new post i thought i would just edit this post.


I found a battery that would fit and seems to fit the bill.




Still working on the rest!

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.
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