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The Airsoft Trajectory Project

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Hi guys,


As my first real contribution to the forum (beyond the endless questions anyway), I thought i'd share this excellent experiment with you - http://mackila.com/airsoft/atp/


Since returning to the hobby I have noticed a great deal of voiced opinion regarding fps/ranges/accuracy/MED's/bb weight etc, which is substantiated by little more than unreliable circumstantial and anecdotal evidence. the problem with that sort of thing of course, is that the more someone repeats the 'lies', the more they becomes ingrained as empirical truths among certain circles.


Now i'm certainly not directing this at anyone on this forum in particular of course, but merely thought that for those that have the inclination to study this report, some excellent data can be found that will likely surprise a few of you, and certainly be useful to all.


This is essential reading for all airsofters, and I thoroughly recommend reading it in it's entirety if you've got the time.


So grab a cuppa, and get stuck in!


Enjoy. :)


Edit - I should add that this isn't the only set of data out there obv, and encourage readers to explore any other data-sets that they come across on their travels, and of course, post them up here if you think it would be of interest/use to us.

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epic list a stats only had a quick skim but will have a full read later when the wife is asleep

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lots of good info there.. ill be using this for my dmr project. thanks for posting

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