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Lambda GHMG-9 owners


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Any fellow Lambda GHMG-9 owners had an Issue with their RIF not playing well with VFC mags? Whenever I insert VFC mag without it being already cocked and primed to go the protruding valve knocker seems to apply too much pressure slowly releasing gas from knocker valve, If I proceed to cock the RIF and try to fire it the knocker hammer seems to misalign itself orientating up by about 30 to 45 degrees failing to make contact with the valve.

It looks the VFC mags have their knocker value slightly protruding more than the first party magazine which came with the RIF.

What seems like a good fix? I only ideas I've come up with are tightening the valves more into the mags, so they don't protrude as much or filling down the valve hammer a little. Any other suggestions?

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