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July 2024 Game dates at Ace Airsoft Wolverhampton Woodland

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πŸ”« Gear up for the ultimate Fun Sunday! Join us for TWO epic Airsoft Game Days on Sunday 7th & 21st July at our Wolverhampton Woodland! πŸ’₯ Battle it out on 2 diverse and different game maps "The Lost Kingdom Jungle" & "The Post Apocalyptic Wasteland" on these epic and fun Team v Team game days and conquer the battlefields. Don’t miss the action – https://aceairsoft.co.uk/next-games.html πŸ—“οΈ

Hope to see you there, new players always welcome, Rental Kit available.



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Airsofters... Gear up for some Action Packed Fun this coming Sunday!
We have some of your favorite games lined up to battle it out for during the day!
BOOK NOW at https://www.aceairsoft.co.uk/sunday-7th-july-2024-wolverhampton.html

Sunday 7th July Games Line Up
πŸ’₯ - Demolition - πŸ’₯
Steal explosives from the 2 enemy depots in order to destroy their New Secret Aircraft

πŸ’₯ - Elite Force - Reinforce - πŸ’₯
The few against the many, recruit more Elite Force from downed defenders held out in a fortified base

πŸ’₯ - The Raid - πŸ’₯
Extract as many essential supplies as you can back to your base from a mutual objective.

πŸ’₯ - VIP Extraction - πŸ’₯
Each team takes it in turns to extract a VIP through enemy territory to an extraction point.

Sunday 21st July Games Line Up - COMING SOON!!

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