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Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, not new to airsoft! I first started playing around 2004, ended up amassing quite the collection of airsoft replicas that I eventually sold off when the VCRA came in in 2007, and then didn't really carry on playing.


Major life changes in recent months have made me want to get back into it, so I've been to a couple of games at HC2 (West Midlands Airsoft) in the past couple of months, my second game being today. It's good to be playing again, even if I am much older and nowhere near as fit! ;)


I'll hopefully be playing again there within the next month or so, getting my UKARA membership and then I can look to get some more modern gear (I'm playing with my very old replicas, which the guys at WMA are servicing for me over time) and then I can look to get to a few other different sites too.

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Welcome back to the fold fella.👍



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