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Operation Warpath - A thank you to Tier 1

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Thank you to Ed and the Tier 1 team for choosing Apocalypse Airsoft as their venue for Operation Warpath.


A brilliantly run event, with fantastic organisation and great attention to detail making the whole scenario realistic and believable.


The investment in planning and preparation made the operation a totally immersive experience, hard, uncomfortable, but hugely rewarding for those that chose to sign up.


Right from the initial briefing the participants played professionally, digging deep through adverse weather and challenging terrain to carry out a variety of essential missions deep into enemy territory.


The hard effort of these teams was rewarded with small but valuable fragments of intel which built slowly and steadily until there was a sufficiently clear picture to plan what has to be the highlight of the weekend...




Awake since 3am, after a very short cold damp night, I was shivering as I packed my makeshift shelter from my post on the village wall. Sleep had been disturbed by the occasional strange sound, but then we were all twitchy, in an unsafe area not knowing who we could trust, or what to expect. One thing was sure though, we should be prepared to expect anything - we knew they were out there somewhere.


The sky was beginning to lighten as I sipped my mug of tea, dark and steaming like the deep shadows that surrounded the compound. Slowly I felt my shivers subsiding, eager for the little extra warmth the day would bring, but then it started....


Noises in the woods accompanied by squad leaders barking orders, dark shapes in the distance against darker shadows, blurring through the mist but getting ever closer, and moving fast.


Suppressive fire hitting the buildings around us as we struggled to identify targets, our job made all the harder by the sudden rain of grenades falling inside our walls, smokes, frags and flashbangs everywhere.


Our emplaced heavy machine gun slowing their progress a little, until silenced by more grenades while the attack waves breached the gates and flowed in over us.


We stood our ground, fought hard until the very last man, but we were up against a a coordinated juggernaught that swept through us, each fire team clearing and securing their own area until the village was theirs.




An awesome 4:30am wake up call on a wet Sunday morning, even if my team was not victorious. (This time...)


Thanks again from all at Apocalypse Airsoft

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