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Airsoft Games Line Up 19/03/23 - Ace Airsoft Wolverhampton Woodland

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Games Line Up for Sunday 19th March 2023 at Ace Airsoft Wolverhampton Woodland. BOOK NOW https://www.aceairsoft.co.uk/sun-19th-march-23-wolves.html
AM Games List:
1) The Heist:
A Criminal underworld gang known as the "Red Tide" try to steal a briefcase full of Bonds owned by three famous celebrities from a heavily guarded Vault.
2) The Safe House:
After the Heist the Red Tide hide out in a safe house whilst their crime lord boss "Skelly" waits for the dosh to roll in. Will teh security forces arrest and detain him in time?
PM Games List: Jungle Warfare:
1) The Capture - Part 1
Each team will try to capture key enemy characters from their encampments (Game will be swapped around after a short break).


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