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TM MWS upper with fancy bits?


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Hi all,

I'm looking to price my spare TM MWS upper. It's got a 10.5 DDE HAO Geissele handguard, a USASOC 11.5 outer barrel, stock TM inner barrel, stock hop adjuster and hop unit. Comes with charging handle but not the bolt. I built it to swap out with my 13.5 upper for CQB but going a different direction now. Could come with or without the red dot and flip ups etc.


Thanks all in advance!


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My guess would be around £200.


There has been a stock lower recently for £200 and the total second hand price for a full mws rif is around £450 (stock). Combined this still wouldn't have a bolt (expensive).


The spare upper is an attractive option for a lot of people (hence why you got one!) The hop unit, spare upper and full barrel assembly in 1 go is nice. The fact you have a nice rail on it and an after market outer barrel is very dependent on who your buyer is, you're just as likely to have a buyer who has a similar set up and is looking for an alternative (that length and rail seems super popular on mws I have noticed) so they'll want to change it/it has no "extra" value to them.  I don't think you'd be looking at a lot less if it was the stock outer barrel and ris rail. 



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