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TM AK Storm upgrade


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Hi all


Thought I would share my latest upgraded TM Storm NGRS project.

Fitted a Leviathan V3 optical, Steel F.L.T 5.9mm bushings, Prometheus 18:1 EG gear set, Prometheus spring guide and M95 spring to get power up to around 340fps on 0.20.

I went Leviathan as the option is available for an external input and I used this to operated the bolt stop feature. Using the Gate mosfet was a no go for me as the bolt stop feature simply breaks the negative line to the battery and therefore power removed. Re racking bolt would restore power but then you have a 3 second period where you enter programming mode before you can pull the tigger.

There is not much information around on the Storm and upgrades so hopefully I will get time to write something up as I took photos of most of the process.



IMG_8930 2.jpeg

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Brilliant work. Looking at doing something similar. How did you find fitting the leviathan v3? Any modifications required to the gearbox casing? You are right there is not a lot of info out there!



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No mods to the gearbox required other than taking the edge off the cut out that the selector plate moves over, just to avoid sticker damage. The sticker has to be placed slightly differently and as per the image for it to work correctly with the Storm. I am actually going to try and do a full guide as I have a second Storm here to be upgraded and just waiting on the V3 to turn up (they are like rocking horse poop at the moment it seems!)

Biggest headache was getting wiring back through the small channel in the forward section. I used 26 swg wire for the bolt stop signal and had originally heat shrinked it but that proved too wide a diameter. I removed the heat shrink and it went together ok. No sharp edges along the route so happy with that.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 00.14.22.png

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