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Low FPS on recent project


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No it’s some glue but I’m wondering if that is putting pressure somewhere. I’ll investigate tomorrow for sure

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On 01/10/2022 at 12:51, Pollynator_bravo2 said:

So this is what’s happening in a picture. The nozzle is finishing here. I noticed when it was apart some odd west marks on the underside on the nozzle. Could this be misalignment? Just looking for ideas so I can eliminate possible causes. I’ve got some slow mo video but it’s blurry and I need to trim it



Slow mo video. Sorry about the quality 



Can't view the video for some reason, but if the nozzle doesn't get all the way to the left there then it's not actually mating up with the hop rubber so a good chunk of your air is going down the feed tube. I'd take the hop unit out and see if the nozzle stops in the same place or goes out further. That will isolate the cause to inside the gearbox (eg tappet plate not returning properly) or outside the gearbox (eg hop misaligned and jamming the nozzle).

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So of the the things. The gear box was to tight which I think basically means is that the tappet plate needs sanding a bit. As soon as I took the tension off the nozzle came forward.  Thanks to everyone who gave advice. Always much appreciated 

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Nailed this in the end. 
for anyone that lands in the same situation or is interested lol it all panned out like this:

- found the nozzle was making contact with the upper and lower surfaces of the hop. 
- checked the cylinder, piston and al related compression components

all ok 🤔

- found that when the upper receiver was attached the connection was stiff 

- then found the pin just above the trigger hadn’t been replaced by the original tech allowing the tv to tilt so slightly. 
- replaced pin and normality resumed 😁

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22 hours ago, Rogerborg said:

Thanks for the followup, sounds like you're on a roll with fixing stuff.

Let’s see lol. I’ve got an MP5 that’s being problematic so that’s next. For that one I can blame myself or anyone as it’s had no work done to it 😂

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