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My attepmt at dyeing hessian!!

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Ok I know that I said to Liam porter that I would make a thread showing how to dye hessian tape after some research and hunting around for the right equipment I have gotten some hessian tape and some dye that "should" work. I have currently taken a small sample piece of it just to test the die and see if the hessian is treated or un-treated as treated hessian won't take the die. If all goes well I will buy a few meters worth tomorrow and I will have it done by tomorrow evening just in time for Combat Souths summer evening game on Wednesday.


Here is a few images of the dyes I am going to use:


Dylon Choclate brown dye I wanted woodland brown but they didnt have any: Brown

Dylon Velvet Black dye: Black

Dylon olive green this is the only olive they had left theres not much of it but thats life: olive green


And the sample piece of the hessian which I'm going to add a before and after ordeal to:


Before: http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss77/Sk...b3a7b0-orig.jpg


I got more hessian today quite a lot of it in fact:


hessina cloth


and this is the results so far I'm going to dye it now:


stage 1 with hessian


The suit with the base layer pretty much done just need to shorten some of it and then shred it:


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ok updated with a bit more and by the end of the night or in the morning ill have the dyed version of it all.

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