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What gearbox shells are decent these days ?


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So way back when, we only had a few options for gearbox types.


I use to buy a standard v2 re-enforced gearbox that would last. I mean they really lasted, 20years kinds of lasted.


However, 20yrs is long enough and i new need replacements due to cracks and breaks appearing.


So, what is a decent replacement.

I am seeing alot qr/qd shells but alot seem to be "E&C",

Are these any good ?

It doesnt have to last 20yrs but i would like it to last more than a few shoots before it needs replacing again.


Also seeing alot of pre built boxes but they are almost all m4/m16 with triggers that look so thin i feel if i actually pressed them, they would snap (think Mongo hands for anyone who knows the film 😉).


For info,

I run usually a g3 or mp5.

Both upgraded and kicking out 345-350 fps. Parts seem to getting rare as alot of the market is dominated by m4 variants.


Thanks for any advice.

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E&C shells are very good. I have one in my Specna SA-A03 (because it came with it), one I built from the ground up in my MK12 DMR and another in a Salient GRY copy that I'm building (came as a complete gearbox).

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