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Special Ops (nr Milton Keynes / Olney)

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There's a whisper from Carlos at Special Ops that there might actually be a game next weekend (Saturday 13th Aug)... 
It'd be the first since May!

I'll keep this thread posted with any further updates.

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I take it it isnt going to happen, its still on my list as its just down the road

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Posted (edited)

I don't have any concrete info either way at the moment... 

Carlos said he'd have confirmation yesterday - that hasn't happened as yet.  If it does happen it'll probably be at a temporary outdoor site at North Crawley (quite nearby)
He's also posted a pic of an indoor (barn) site that is "under construction"... Maybe that'll be ready for the weekend?  Depends on whether setting up some chipboard walls and hay bales is do-able in a couple of days?

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"Bah", and indeed "humbug"
No game this weekend.   

At least there's 'signs of life' in the enterprise... maybe I'll get to pew-pew in a week or two

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