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Bolt SR16 URX3.1

Mad dog 49

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Hi all,


I'm looking for an idea of worth for this.

Included and professionally fitted is:

Maxx pro cylinder

Maxx pro cylinder head

Maxx pro piston head

Maxx pro nozzle

M105 spring

Lonex hi-speed hi-torque motor

ZCI aluminium rotary hop unit

Maple leaf rubber and omega tensioner.


All in the original box with original flip up iron sights and Bolt hi cap mag. Not a mark on it, has had about 2000 bbs through it total since new.20220706_140453.thumb.jpg.a210c9ea35848640963d6b8336247200.jpg20220706_140419.thumb.jpg.5f66f92bb7784d768075ed940f55486e.jpg

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