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Jag precision TTI combat master JW3

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Good day all, new here


Just wanted to know if any of you have an idea of where to buy a slide for the Jw3 combat master 


Sadly mine broke, I don't really want to fork out for a brand new gun (if there is no other option, I will have to) 


I spent a few bob getting it to run HPA and when it was working it was amazing, I have been hunting high and low for just the slide, I managed to find it on iWholesales, but to even check the price out I have to sign up (which is only for businesses) I have also tried bespoke airsoft but they have taken it down off their website it seems. 


If any of you knowledgeable folk know which direction to go it would be greatly appreciated 


Many thanks and happy hunting 

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i would try the asia websites such as rainbow8, boomarms, jkarmy, if no luck there, i dont think youll find one anywhere else

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If it's the JAG version then a GSB, AM, Edge or similar slide probably won't fit very well. THe JAG ones are 5.4" and the nice ones (apart from the super expensive full build kit) are 5.1 sized so they fit on normal capas.

The JAG's are also a slither wider in the slide as well meaning it's difficult to move between the two.


If you compare the price of an alu GSB etc slide as well, they're about £80 plus postage (£90 total?) to the UK you'd likely be better sourcing another JAG or AA R601 as for the small amount extra you get a whole load of spare parts as well.

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