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VSR-10 G-Spec Project for sale, what's it worth?


This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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Hi Guys, hope this is the right place to post, looking for some advice.


I bought a VSR-10 several years ago, my friend said they had sunk ~£700 into it but it needed some tinkering. As with many projects it took a backseat and has never been used...!


Sadly I don't have the time, inclination or know-how to get this setup properly. It all seams to work fine but it's very heavy to pull the bolt.

I'd like to put it up for sale in hopes that somebody else can get some fun out of it. Any suggestions of what it's worth?


TM VSR-10 G-Spec

4 Original Mags

All original internals (in bag)

Original suppressor 

3x9 Scope


Longbow 0.4g BB's



Some tuning kit installed, don't know brand - "Dan S(?)" on trigger

New inner barrel installed

Additional 120SP Spring in box

Additional Maple Leaf 300mm Crazy Jet inner barrel, seems to be unopened






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I know nothing about snipers, but if it’s sat for several years most if not all the upgrades will likely be outdated, and unless you have receipts detailing exactly what was done, it’s probably  worth less then an unmodified version.


Any issues at all, like the super stiff bolt, mean it’s essentially an old  boneyard sniper rifle.


Might be worth finding out about the scope to see if it’s worth anything 

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The brassy/gold finish to the mounting brackets on the trigger would tell me it's probably a very early Springer Custom trigger (what spec exactly I have zero idea, they're just the only one I know of that finish the mounts with that colouring/material/finish). Equally as much trying to piece it togther, the signature might suggest Dan (fka 'Sniper Mechanic') may have done some work on it, I know he;s been a fan of the Springer Custom triggers for a long time so I'm purely putting 2 and 2 together with a partially educated guess... whether that gives you 4 I couldn't say for sure. Might be worth reaching out to Dan on the off chance he recognises it, I've hyperlinked his Instagram earlier in this reply as that tends to be the best place to get him.


As for the heavy pull, chances are it's just a juicy spring to get the power up, we haven't always been so fortunate with the likes of the Rapax springs etc.


As @rocketdogbert  says, without further details it's hard to give much of an appraisal outside of a boneyard. Hopefully some of the information I've given can assist in getting a more accurate spec sheet leading to an accurate valuation.

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The trigger is indeed a Sniper1 trigger which was part of a set from ASPUK. I know as I too bought one lol. They sold the set as a base upgrade kit for £300 for VSR's. Included a crappy barrel, ok hop arm, rebranded ASP trigger, rebranded ASP piston and to be honest an ok cylinder.



I would say, unfortuantely a "good" VSR which is really well upgraded including TDC etc etc would struggle to reach £450-£500 so for a mid level (ish) upgraded one which already has issues I think you'd struggle to exceed £250, that's a harsh come down from the pricing you have but my VSR which I went through this mill with and then went on and upgraded more on the other side of this, even that struggled ot hit £350 as you're into SSG10 money and they're new with a reasonable spec. 

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and possibly forgotten) topic.

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