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What to do.. when being scammed?

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Good evening.


Im experiencing a problem with a well know "online + stationary shop", located in the UK.

I have to say, that they are ignorants. I sent many emails to them, on different email addresses, and had no reply. Still dont. Its over half a year.

I started to email them again some time ago. It was about a week. I was suprised. I had reply, so I kept emailing, and they keep replying.

As Im foreigner, and I wrote about it in different topic. I have very limited options to pay. They told me to pay by "postal money order". I did that. They told me the ammount for the product + shipping. I paid, for how much they wanted. Postal money order, had been received. I checked it on the Royal Mail website. Since that day, emails stopped arriving. I sent couple more emails, but still nothing. Maybe I shouldnt exaggerate, because there are still couple days, untill the final 10th day will pass (10 days shipping max in the UK, its written on their website), but I want to be prepared. Im going home in 2-3 weeks time, therefore I have to solve that problem, as soon, as possible.

Suggestions are welcome. Where to go, what to do.


Thank you in advance


Materia the Foreigner

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