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Russian/Soviet loadout

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Hey all, first off I am sorry about the naff posed pics. I played in this gear last weekend but didnt get a single piccie so I got dressed up in the back garden :/


Anyway, Gunman airsoft are running a Cold War Filmsim game in september (see here for more details http://gunmanforum.com/index.php?showtopic=5969 ) and so I thought I would sort out my loadout. I have a few Russian loadouts already but I decided to start afresh.


I chose to do a VDV (Soviet paratrooper) Recon LMG gunner, circa 1981. The cost is extortionate!












Kit List:


KZS-1 Sniper Suit (Jacket Used Only) £50

VDV Landing Suit (Modern but a close copy of the original) £60

Telyshanka (Striped Light Blue under-shirt) £8

Soviet Kepi £10


Webbing and Loadbearing:

Soviet Belt and 'Y' Strap webbing (Got 2nd hand from a friend) £10

RD-54 Backpack (Original from 1st Chechen war. Has bloodstains on the back. These are very hard to source over here in the original khaki colour) £60

AK 4xMag Pouch £10

Water Bottle and Pouch £5




RPK Sling £10

7x 150rd Ak74 Midcap Mags


It took me quite a while to put it all together but I think it looks the bollocks. Loads of people mentioned it at my skirmish (somebody even tried to buy my RD-54 from me!).


Hope you like it and it inspires some other Russian/Soviet loadouts :)


Laters Comrades!

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hey mate nice kit! i have bean triying to do a soviet lodout for some time now but i cant find enny good web sites! :( do you know enny good places to get soviet stuf?

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I use these guys (mainly), plus e-bay. Delivery times are at about six weeks but they do turn up.


I got my KZS-1, Gorka and Partizan Sniper Suit from these guys:



I got my VDV Landing suit and other assorted bits from here:



I'm pretty clued up on Russian gear (but no expert) if you want some help sorting out a Russian/Soviet loadout.

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that wold be cool as i have no idear on what to get do you think you culd pm me a cold war soviet kit list if not thats fine. ps im liking the gun! what make is it?

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