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Scope mount question

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hello all, I'm looking at buying an RS SVD but have heard some of the scope options...well leave alot to be desired regarding optic quality.


I have just been given a Hawke Airmax SR12 6-18x44 for my sniper rifle when I get it, my question is as follows......Is there a readily available mount where I can bolt standard 11.5mm or 22mm weaver type mounts?




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Your going to want to speak to THIS guy he knows almost everything about scopes and hes always willing to help.




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if it has the standard Ak scope mount on the left hand side of the weapon (which as a RS it should have) then you can buy mounts that bolt to that and have rails on top to mount western scopes to it.







sort of thing will fit directly to the side mounting plate that this would normally go onto




(see the mounts are the same)

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Looks like they are one and the same, and to be honest for £10 its worth a punt, which you can always resell to an AK owner. The proper AK mounts clip to the side of the reciever, as do the SVD mounts.


Found US website with mounts




was looking at RS pictures on the RS website


or ehobby aisa


and linked scope with close up of scope mount (ala ebay scope mounts)


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