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Hey All,


I love the classifieds section, bought a good bunch of gear and accessories from there. However i fons myself looking for parts in bulk and maybe for specific models to replace or tinker with and noticed there isnt a section for boneyard items. I think it would be easier if there was a boneyard section to save scrolling through every category to try and find something worth picking up for parts. I get that you have the parts section, but thats usually it. I like to tech guns so being able to buy a gearbox say, thats not working but someone was willing to sell hoping it could be fixed, Id be interested in that without the need to scroll endless amounts of pages.


Just an idea,


Thnx for taking the time to read.



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Most folks selling items as boneyard tend to put either "boneyard" or "spares/repairs" in the title so shouldnt be the hardest to search for?

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