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TM XDM-40 - gas venting from mag, trigger issue?


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Good evening,


Went to clean and lube my TM XDM after yesterday's game day and found two (presumably linked?) issues. At first, pulling the trigger had no effect, in that the hammer wouldn't fire when the trigger was pulled. This eventually corrected itself. Fine, I thought, so I inserted a mag, only for the gas to vent as soon as the mag was inserted. Weird. Tried it with my other two mags and it happened again.


The pistol was bought brand new in June, has been used during about eight or nine skirmishes. I use green gas and various brands of .25s. The pistol has been regularly cleaned and relubed.


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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sound like the valve knocker is not resetting if its protruding it will cause the mag to vent when inserted in the gun. the gun has a trigger bar that links the trigger to the firing mech it could be damage. Sorry to say anyone who told you TM guns are fine on green was wrong they were designed to run on 144A and with the recent high temperatures something has most likely prematurely worn out  i would look up to see if there are any Youtube disassembly vids.

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