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SSG24 Issues - Bolt pull/double feed & running hot!

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I recently picked up a SSG24, that had been bought new back in early 2020. The previous owner had only used in his garden then left it in it's box until July 2021 when I bought it from him for a very good price! :) 


Since getting the gun, (my first airsoft sniper) I've ran into a couple of issues that I'm hoping some of you kind fellows on here might be able to answer...


  1. Joule Creep! With the m140 spring in and hop up all the way off I am getting 450FPS on 0.2s (1.8j) and 350 FPS on 0.45g bb's (works out to 2.58-2.6j) which is well over the site limits of 2.32j. I also noticed when I ram the hopup on for more hop I lose around 20-30FPS is this normal? Will shooting 300+ rounds break in the spring more to the level I need or should I leave it cocked overnight?
  2. Bolt pull inconsistent! When I first fired a few shots through the gun, the bolt pull didnt seem to be as 'butter smooth' as described online... maybe 1 in 15 would feel a little scrape or rough. When getting this feeling the gun wouldn't cock back and set the spring ready to be shot, it would return to it's starting position and feel like it needed to be pulled back harder. This issue leads me on to no.3... *I feel like this might have been the way I was pulling the bolt as I just spent 10 minutes shooting and pulling the bolt and didn't replicate the issue once.*
  3. Double/Triple fed bbs! When having the issue mentioned in 2. I would tend to get 2 and rarely 3 bbs fed into the chamber! Once the gun did fire it would spit out a shotgun like shot. With it shattering a couple bb's two times. *Could have been down to me using 0.2's for my test runs to break in the gun?*


Other than those issues, I am really happy with the gun. Planning on stripping it down and doing a full clean out after the first game day with it on Sunday. One small wipe of the outside of the bolt came back a little mucky so I suspect some oil will make it better.

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If you pull the bolt back again because it didn't catch you'll load another BB, the bb feed happens close to the start of the bolt cycle, fix problem 2 and 3 will go as well. Problem 1, tune the gun/ spring to the BB weight you intend to use, not .2 for chrono, you're opponents will thank you.

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