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Setting up a CQB Site, What Should I Be Thinking About?

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2 hours ago, Graham Ranson said:

I like the numbered armband idea yea that's good and added. 

I can't find a copy of the Mall's rules, naturally, and was thinking it might be one of the rules for the new Zed Adventures site but it's not listed, able to tell me what the rule was?


 Basically, no heavy case pyro to be thrown, it must be dropped from below knee height or rolled but only after checking you arent about to drop it on someones head as even from below knee height it will fucking hurt.  Paper pyro only to be thrown.  


Its an added cost to get specific armbands and enough of them, but one I think would add to peoples experience.  You would either get very few issues as people behaved themselves more if they knew they could be readily ID'd or fucking loads, it could go either way.  Maybe add £1 deposit for each armband refundable at the end of the day to ensure they dont get nicked which would be the main issue.

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1 hour ago, Druid799 said:

Exactly the same situation with me , using a TM KSG at an outdoor/indoor site and it was a crappy overcast start to the day chrono’ed absolutely fine , late morning sun comes out and turns in to a right scorcher . I hit one of the marshals in error he says “that stung a bit ! think we need to re-chrono that ?” and it was well over site limits . Luckily for me it wasn’t long after they came out so it had a lot of attention at chrono and the marshal had actually had a go of it and shot his mate in the arse so was fully a where of its capabilities . AND I’d been playing a good few yrs by then so even ‘experienced’ players can fall foul of the variants of the hobbie . 👍

What gas were you using to make a TM hot? Also how did the chrono the gun just load one barrel?

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13 minutes ago, BigStew said:

What gas were you using to make a TM hot? Also how did the chrono the gun just load one barrel?

Green gas in a SAT after market gas tank , head marshal got me to fire a triple and a single shot to see what difference there’d be then worked out a ‘ballpark’ figure .

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