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a.R.a.B.S. Weekender

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This will be my first weekender! I am not gonna lie, quite excited.


Anyone else going to this or am i the only one repping afuk?


So with 18 or so days to go i have only a few bits to buy (for medic rules). Now it is a case of finding an hour or so to do a 'gather' of kit and lay it all out to see if i need to trim. Then there is the check and pack with possibly a re-pack depending on how the weight is on the packs.


I am likely to use this thread as a diary on the lead up and review once i am done. 


Do have a read of the story and rules as it will be great context. 


I am in the civilian militia!

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  • 2 weeks later...

So the first pack wasn't as fun as i thought it would be. 


Still have a number of bulky items that i need to get into the assault pack. The weather has turned against me so i will need extra layers, i will need to be smart with the quality of layer.


I also still need a little space free for a touch of food and cook kit which i am borrowing. 


It has shown up that if i plan to do more weekender i will need to upgrade certain pieces of kit, the rifle slip case for example isnt happy with carrying the shot gun as well.


Thing is, i know that i will be repacking once in site as i will be wearing chest rig and such like and that will create/ move the spare space i need for pyro an cook kit. 


With raids being a thing for this game, and without more info to what this means, i want to be carrying almost everything. 


So question for the group is this unatainable? 


Some of the vids and threads here and elsewhere seem to view this as madness unless i have a 100lt carry system.


Oh well, second/final pack tonight or tomorrow, if i get the chance i'll dump some pics and kit list. 


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In my experience at this sort of game, less is more. 

If you’re on a ‘raid’ with the world packed on your back you’ll start to feel it and probably won’t take long to regret it!


Most events tend to have an area where teams can drop sleeping/cooking/spare gear. This will save you having to try and carry it round with you all day. 

Ive really cut down on what I carry, and have got it down to the following;

- Primary magazines (4-6)

- Grenades (Mixture of smoke and bang)

- Radio

- Secondary magazine (if sidearm carried)

- Water and a couple of cereal bars

- Map


It was only through time I discovered most of the stuff I carried on me, or even took with me to the event wasn’t used. I tend to leave a spare gun in the car, with its magazines etc. 

That said, see what works for you! The event looks interesting and I’d love to go but I’m training that weekend! Have fun!

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The plan is that we do get a FOB, i still have to hump gear to the fob. 

Where i have taken medic role i also need to carry my share of bandages and the load carrying for the bandages. I think my load out is as light as i can get it but it is the extra, the clothes, sleep system and food that are bulking. 

It might be that i gain a fob bag to carry which would contain safe to leave gear, again with the repack on the friday. 


A big part if the issue lies in my use of public transport to get (most of the way) to site.

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I see, fair enough!


A FOB bag sounds like a good shout, and tbh bandages won’t be that hard to carry, I normally just stuff them in a pocket so they’re easy to get at; nothing worse than having to dig through pouches when someone needs one!!

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Was this the game organised by the A.R.A.B.S. group on facebook? 

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10 hours ago, Cannonfodder said:

Was this the game organised by the A.R.A.B.S. group on facebook? 

Yes it is, Andy has run a number of game weekends, this being number 4. I am buzzing for this. 


As such I have a small update for this thread.... my kit list! unpacked and packed pictures. 

The packing process its self was a touch frustrating i had planned on just the assult pack grab bag and rifle slip case. That didn't happen. My first priority was to get the kit to site, knowing that i would be repacking on the Friday night with loadout in mind. So for a start the kit list i broke it down into the following 


  • Hammock
  • tarp
  • sleeping bag
  • microfibre towel (to act as underquilt)


  • rig 
  • grab bag
  • med kit - battle belt with vintage pouchs  - bandage - (safety) scissors
  • medic patch (yes a special metion, i think i have a weakness for patches....)
  • watch 
  • 'gas' mask
  • eye pro & spare + accessories
  • gloves

Weapons and ammo

  • m4 + mags
  • shotgun + shells & bandollier
  • actual ammo (3 bottles, just to be sure)
  • smokes (distractions and 'posion' gas) & bangs
  • speed loaders 



  • key points of extra layers - hats and such like
  • and more spares in case of rain

Food kit & food (work in progress)

  • a VX coffee filter ....yes really
  • coffee 
  • well, lets just say i plan on snacks throughout the day with two hot meals (raman)


Wash kit

  • kept really simple 
  • teeth stuff and wet wipes....


  • notebook + small pencils 
  • bin liners 

I accepted that i needed an extra bag so the brown one will be my fob bag and the assult pack will have snacks and stuff. 


I just need to get the three bags to london waterloo from east london, then on to fleet where the last supply run happens before hitting the site. 

Given the amount i know some are taking i think i have done well...


There was a last minute info drop with some fun rolling objectives. i am buzzing.... 

unpacked kit.jpg


Packed kit.jpg

smokes & bangs.jpg

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Good stuff!  


I do these style of events as often as I can, one a month spring to autumn and couple each winter.  I would say take a variety of food (even if just a couple of 'extra' ramen packs) and a bottle of something decent for the evenings.  If you can't eat what you fancy it's miserable, and a half bottle of rum works wonders if the weather turns nasty/noisy fuckers stay up half the night etc.  A seriously warm jumper is a must for evenings too. 


The thing with September events is that you ca still get August daytime temps, but combined with October nights!  A thick fleece poncho that rolls up into its own bag is a good cheap addition as night wear/extra blanket/looking vaguely like Clint Eastwood etc etc.  

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8 hours ago, Tactical Pith Helmet said:

noisy fuckers stay up half the night etc


Earplugs, and a sleep mask.


You haven't mentioned water supply.  Unless it's nearby and copious, I'd avoid any diuretics like caffeinated covfefe. 


Hmm, did I leave A.R.A.B.s or get kicked out?  Can't seem to recall, I'm sure it would have been ranting about the rants either way.

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@Jacob WrightThe plan is that we do get a FOB, i still have to hump gear to the fob. 

Where i have taken medic role i also need to carry my share of bandages and the load carrying for the bandages. I think my load out is as light as i can get it.


@Tactical Pith Helmett good shout on the bottle of something, i'll have a look in the cupboard and add my hip flask. I think i have warmth covered with layers, i'll let you know, although the idea of poncho..... as to food - veg (not much) is part of the supply run


@Rogerborg its both really easy and really hard to get kicked from the a.r.a.b.s page....there are not many lines but cross one and you're out. 

Good pick up on lack of water mentioned, that is part of the supply run on the friday heading towards site. Its the Gunman Alpha site so not plumbed in, need to carry or leave at fob - given that food/water raids are part of the objectives...i'll be carrying most of that gear/supplies


As to the coffee thing....its safer for everyone that i get all the coffee i want/need 😉😂

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Not doing too badly so far on my list of, well, full disclosure these items wernt on a list....thats how they are still at home....

Sleep mask - if i get more than 4 each night i am doing better normal


Train book! Have one for the longer journey back but not for now....


Still doing better than my brother, who forgot his guns and had to go back for them.....

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How did it go? I am still processing the games or rather my interactions with the games so i will leave that out for now but as to kit....


The social aspect of sharing camp space was great, there was plenty of for all and chat and banter came easy.


Carrying this lot was a pain but not unfeasable it was really only between trains and platforms. There was a (short lived plan to walk to the site from the train station but thankfuly i got a lift.


sleep system - needs tweaking - the hammock and tarp went up really easily with the exception of needing extra loops for the hammocks to attach to. So that will be the long ones that i ordered in june and simply didn't appear so had to order alturnites, which are much shorter. nevermind there was spare rope.


Now to make you all laugh, i fell out. i landed like a sack of spuds being rejected from the harvest. rolled all the way over and thud. I also need to plan a bit better when it comes to set up as i managed to have opening for sleeping bag on the opposite side to the opening of hammock. But over all slept well. 


Cooking - need to invest in a burner as i borrowed for the weekend. so the plan was to make a couple of high veg count super noodle numbers and supliment with breakfast bars, nuts and biltong and that was mostly the case for the Saturday. Sunday was only breakfast and biltong due to how the day played out.


As a whole on the next weeekender there are likely thing that i will not pack and i think a larger backpack; to allow for more compartmentalised packing.  

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Ace, glad to hear that you made it work.  I do intend to do a weekender while I'm still physically capable of it, it's always useful to hear experiences.


Did you do the mandatory in-spin-and-out dump from the hammock on first getting in, or manage to fall out of it later on?

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On 03/09/2021 at 14:22, Jaylordofwaargh said:



Still doing better than my brother, who forgot his guns and had to go back for them.....

Haha. First year at nae in ringwood. I got there early to set up camp.Stepson arrived with mate about 8pm. Upon getting gear out of car he discovered he had left his gats at home!! Two hours later and round trip of 100miles he was back and ready for a drink. Feckin knobber lol.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it and that the amount of kit wasn’t unmanageable! I’ve found as you attend more weekend events you learn what you do and don’t need, and tailor your kit as such. 

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