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Looking for Help With Cold War Kit - Weighing up British and Other Options

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16 hours ago, Iceni said:

The OP makes no mention of been Gunman exclusive, You brought that into the mix.

 Well, unless he wants to skirmish in such kit, then Gunman are the ONLY providers of a Cold War game currently within the UK.  As I have been speaking the OP he has indicated he prefers themed games so it was not a bad assumption in the end.

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   On 14/06/2021 at 16:25,  Danno46 said:

Thanks,  might have to try them out for hard to get bits.


I was also at the last RedMist game so probably swapped some plastic deth at some point !

 What side?  I play East German

I was on the British side, the squad I was with had a guy with the mortar, Got to say I’m very impressed with the East German uniforms and equipment you guys use. 

Are you at the next one in August ? 

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