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Specna Arms Sv 98 Help


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Hi all  so i have bought myself my first sniper and i particularly like the Russian sv 98 so that is what i bought as i am not one for buying something just for what it can do i very much am someone who wants to buy what i like and then work from there. but as i am  fairly new to airsoft and i want to learn to do alot of the tweaking upgrades myself over time i now need some help from you more experienced guys. the gun is firing 380 fps out of the box with 0.25's  and ofc my aim is to try and upgrade the rifle as much as possible to get it as close as it can get to its potential.  i have done a little research and i do realise from what i have seen so far this seems to be a rather difficult rifle to get compatible parts for to make significant upgrades. However alot of those posts videos where dated around the summer of 2020. if anyone has any information on upgrading this rifle please any help with parts and videos to help me do it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Lee74

I'm no expert and can't help you in your request for info.

I am more of a m4 man.

But just to reassure you that someone on here will get back to you with some practical advice.i hope lol.👍


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