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Mitchell Gee


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Hi there,


Today I went down to blockbusters and traded in some games and got a new one (F3ER as you may of worked out) and I am not regretting it whatsoever, its great...


The game has lots of action but with a psychotic horror twist, but its not overly freaky, there's a few jump scenes and plenty of blowing people (Living or undead) to pieces with the range of shotguns and explosive gubbins...


Highly recommended if you haven't bought it already...


If you do own the game what is your opinions on it?




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I haven't got F3AR but I played the first two, bitterly disappointed with the first one but the second one was awesome, might get it eventually when the price drops but any gaming money at the moment is going towards pre ordering MW3 and Battlefield 3, they look so good!

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